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If you'd like to order cards, download the order form and wholesale pricing sheets and fill out the order form (above) with the number of cards you'd like to buy. 20 cards is the minimum order but it doesn't have to be a single style. There are 20 cards in the current collection so you can buy one of each, or whatever combination you'd like. We will arrange with you to deliver them in person to your place of business. At that point we will use Square on iPad for you to pay by credit card for your order. No delivery will be made without payment. All wholesale orders require that you provide a copy of your resale license at the time of delivery. All deliveries are made only to your place of business. 

Send us an email and attach your order form to that email. Be certain that your Name, Email and phone numbers are on the email. 


If you're in Oakland, consider having us photograph your business for a minimum order of 1000 cards. We'll be happy to collaborate with you on the design. 

Sincerely, Susan Davis

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