Mar 22, 2018

SF Library




Gravity of Today: Visions of Tomorrow

Presented by: The Digital Artists Collective

Show dates: July 14 through October 22, 2018

Reception: July 22 at 1pm

Lower level gallery SF Library Fox Plaza, San Francisco


Description of the Exhibition:

Governor Jerry Brown has chosen to take a leadership role internationally to address the impact of climate change by convening the Global Climate Action Summit here in San Francisco, September 12-14, 2018. The 2018 Summit will bring together leaders from state, tribal, and local governments, business, and citizens from around the world, to

demonstrate how the tide has turned in the race against climate change, showcase climate action taking place around the world, and inspire deeper commitments from each other and from national governments — in support of the Paris Agreement.


As Governor Brown says, “Unfortunately, no one's in charge — everyone is creating the problem, and unless everyone contributes to the solution, then the job won't get done.” What he doesn’t say, is what will happen if no one gets the job done.


The artists for the show which you are attending today have decided to do their part to support their commitment to the efforts of the Global Climate Action Summit being held here by creating artwork that reflects both the gravity of today and their visions for tomorrow.

Members of the Collective are not generally scientists. We are artists. We react to changes in the world and express our feelings about those changes by creating art. The goal of this exhibition is to, through image, demonstrate possible results of a world where:

On the one hand - greed and denial of dire scientific warnings may have disastrous effects on our way of life, and possibly threaten our existence on planet Earth.

On the other hand - we may, through luck and determination, be to save our own lives through the use of technology, cooperation, diplomacy and peace planning.


Description of the Digital Artists Collective

The Digital Artists Collective is an organization of students and faculty who have actively participated in the awardwinning Multimedia Arts program at Berkeley City College. The organization provides a collegial atmosphere, encouraging artistic diversity and expertise from its members. The Collective is committed to increasing opportunities for the community to participate in and understand digital fine arts. In doing this we have been an important part of the movement to enhance the status of digital fine arts in professionally both locally and nationally.